Most-Asked Questions:

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Can you give me personal advice?

I’ll be honest; I get tons of messages asking for advice, and get overwhelmed easily (ADHD probs). I’m afraid I don’t have the mental bandwidth to be able to answer everyone’s questions—especially since I’m not really qualified to give advice in the first place (I still don’t really have my shit together, haha).

But I’m so glad y’all like my work; your kind words help inspire and motivate me when I’m feeling down about myself.



Do you offer international shipping?

I do! The cost depends on what you order (and how heavy it is, I think). I don’t deal directly with shipping as I do drop-shipping, but if you add stuff to your cart and go to checkout on the site, it should give you the shipping amount



Do you offer digital downloads of your art instead of physical posters?

At this point, I don’t offer digital versions of my art. (Other than the free phone background you can download!)