ADHD Diagnosis FAQ

What is the diagnostic process like?

Getting evaluated for ADHD is a multi-step process that usually includes a clinical interview, reviewing your history/childhood, etc.



Who do I see to get diagnosed with ADHD?

“I want to get tested for a mental health diagnosis.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners (NP), neurologists, social workers, general practitioners (some may have less experience in mental health though). Licensed professional counselors can diagnose, depending on what state you live in.

Want to get tested for an ADHD diagnosis without having to find a doctor and make an appointment yourself?

ADHD Online provides a seamless, easy to use assessment that you can complete from the comfort of your home. Within a few days, a licensed psychologist will confirm or exclude a diagnosis for you. You can also see one of their board certified physicians who will help you find a customized treatment plan or you can take the results to your local doctor. Check it out here!


‘“I want to get prescribed medication.”

Psychiatrists, nurse practitioners (NP), neurologists, family doctors, and pediatricians can all prescribe ADHD meds.


“I want help learning skills to manage my mental health, understand my emotions, and process past experiences.

Talk therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, family/marriage therapists, online therapy sites (BetterHelp, TalkSpace, etc.) can all help with a variety of therapeutic approaches.


“I want help achieving personal, academic, and professional goals, and learn to manage day-to-day struggles.”

ADHD coaches, life coaches, and business coaches can help you come up with strategies to manage different areas of your life.



What’s your personal diagnosis story?

A psychologist diagnosed me with ADHD in 2010, and I was also diagnosed with bipolar II by a mental health nurse practitioner in 2016. Both were able to prescribe me meds, which were life-savers for me.



“So how do I get started?”

If you’re looking to get started seeking a diagnosis, the first step is to do some internet searches about mental health professionals in your area, and who’s covered on your insurance. Then, as hard as it may seem— just make a call and set up an appointment. You can do it; I believe in you!



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