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How to Get Sh*t Done When You Don’t Feel Like It:
Untangling the Emotions Behind Procrastination

In this brand-new talk, Dani Donovan shares unique insights about the root causes behind chronic procrastination, and why standard productivity advice fails so many of us. Using her signature blend of authenticity, vulnerability, and humor, she breaks down common negative emotions that get in the way of productivity (and what to do about them). This talk includes step-by-step guidance on how to create personalized solutions to overcome mental roadblocks—as well as unconventional strategies, gamified activities, and real-world examples from her new book, The Anti-Planner.

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The Art of Self-Disclosure:
How I Accidentally Became an ADHD Influencer Overnight

Dani Donovan shares the unbelievable story of how she stumbled her way into viral success through sharing her authentic ADHD experiences. She breaks down the psychology behind how we decide what personal information to share with others, and how vulnerability and validation can help change the way we talk about mental health.


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Designing for the ADHD Brain:
Understanding + Accommodating Executive Dysfunction

Users with ADHD have unique struggles when it comes to websites, apps, and product design. Dani Donovan uses her comics and various product case studies to discuss concepts + design solutions for making user interfaces more accessible for ADHD brains. Topics include: Focus, working memory, overwhelm, sequencing, time blindness, attention to detail, and disorganization.


ADHD in the Workplace:
How to Create an Inclusive Environment for Neurodiverse Employees

Dani Donovan breaks down the unique strengths and challenges of being (or managing) an ADHDer in the workplace. She discusses the importance of empathy in work culture, explains how to open up about struggles and ask for accommodations, and gives actionable tips for leaders on how they can support (and bring out the best in) their ADHD employees.


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ADHD Storytelling:
Bridging the Gap Between Clinical Knowledge & Lived Experiences

The rise of content creators is rapidly transforming the mental healthcare landscape. Discover the revolutionary synergy of online communities, compassionate healthcare providers, and patient education in the treatment of ADHD. This talk explores how social media platforms are not only sources of support, but also wellsprings of innovative coping strategies tailor-made for ADHD brains. Learn how the digital age empowers patients to become partners in their own healthcare journey, promoting long-term treatment success through self-awareness, self-advocacy, and the ripple effect of shared knowledge. This talk is designed specifically for clinicians, mental healthcare providers, and professionals looking to embrace these evolving trends and better support their ADHD patients.

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Working From Home with ADHD

Making the switch to working from home has been challenging for many people, but it’s had an especially severe impact on those with ADHD. Dani discusses the helpful constructs in-person offices provided that were lost: structure, transition time, accountability, connection, and cues. She provides insight on why ADHD makes it hard to work without them, as well as strategies to help re-implement these concepts from the office back into employees’ home workspaces.

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Custom Presentations

Depending on my current workload, I can also create talks tailored to your organization or event’s specific focus. These kinds of presentations take extra time (+ $$$). But if you’re interested, let’s chat more about your topic, audience, and goals! Just let me know what you’re looking for in the form below. 🙂

I love doing virtual speaker series—so if you’re interested in more than one, let’s make it happen, cap’n!


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