Getting over “first post” anxiety

Blogs are hard to keep up with. (Or at least, my brain assumes they are.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about making a blog. For YEARS. I love writing, and I have a lot to say. I wrote a semi-popular Medium article called “Fuck New Year’s Resolutions: Challenge Yourself to Take Back 1% of Your Day” and had a lot of fun doing it. But the idea of maintaining a blog was really intimidating for me… mostly because the nagging voice in my head is a real asshole.

What if I don’t write in it very often? Will people be disappointed? Angry? Will they even care? Will anyone read it? What if I post once and never post again? My brain expects failure before I even START.

So what can you expect to find on my ADHD blog?

Well, here are some of my ideas (for now):

    • Longer posts about my comics
    • Tips + advice
    • Listicles (“Top 10 ____”)
    • App reviews
    • Product recommendations
    • Popular tweet threads
    • Rants about my struggles + feelings
    • Personal anecdotes
    • Creative writing (poems, short stories)
    • Whatever the hell I feel like

We’ll see how this goes.

I have ADHD, so consistency isn’t my strong suit. This post is an experiment. I’m just trying it out. Some months I might post a lot; others I might not post at all. But at least I’ll have a place to capture my ideas that are longer than 280 characters.


per·se·vere (verb).
to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.

I’m not going to put a ton of pressure on myself to make a content schedule or any kind of rigid structure. I know as soon as I do that, this whole thing is already over before it begins.

So… here’s to ripping off the Band-Aid.


Yours in perpetual distraction,
Love, Dani




P.S. This post was originally intended to say “Testing 123,” because I just wanted to practice some of the formatting options. And it somehow turned into an actual post LOL
P.P.S. In case you were wondering… yes, I am writing this post to procrastinate doing something else.


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